Spotlight: Jock Pussy

gb_jp_1612_300x250If you’ve been curious about Female-to-Male (FtM) transgender porn, then we have a site for you! is a FtM transgender site the developed from the guys at Jason Sparks who wanted to build a site around model Luke Hudson.

“Jason Sparks first came to us saying he’d found a new model and wanted to build a site around him,” says Robyn Way, the president of the Gunzblazing family of porn sites. “When we first saw pictures of Luke Hudson we were pretty excited about building this site and working with Jason on this new (for us) genre.”

screen-shot-2016-12-06-at-9-17-33-pm“Luke Hudson joined the Nationwide Model Search a couple of months ago and his popularity on tour made me realize we had a unique opportunity here,” says Jason Sparks. “He’s been popular with many types of guys and we hope the site will be a wide variety of people too.”

The site will add two scenes a month and included bonus feeds content.

Here is Luke in action with Damien Hyde in Las Vegas.


“Damien and Luke had an instant attraction when they met. The two young guys are both horny creatures who love fucking and so couldn’t wait to get back to the hotel to start fucking… Luke sucks Damien’s cock and he reciprocates by burying his tongue deep inside Luke’s lovely pussy… He lays Luke on the floor and starts to fuck his hole… They make the most of the furniture in the room – changing positions to get Damien’s dick as deep inside as is humanly possible…”

full_04 full_05 full_06 full_12 full_11 full_15

See this scene (and look for a special interview with Luke) at Jock Pussy.


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Geeky Twink Abuses Boy’s Raw Butt


Austin Hill is so adorable you just want to spank him.  And his cute geeky friend Cameron Hilander has the tools for the job!


The boy’s bare behind is soon taking a spanking with a paddle, and after feeding the sore young man his hairy cock he sinks his meat right into him… raw!

bt325_austinhill_cameronhilander_07 bt325_austinhill_cameronhilander_08


“Austin loves it, his red cheeks are parted and he’s soon riding that cock and taking it deep at the edge of the bed…”

bt325_austinhill_cameronhilander_11 bt325_austinhill_cameronhilander_16 bt325_austinhill_cameronhilander_18

Look for more at Bare Twinks.


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“Rasta Boys”


These two handsome (and kinky) black basketball players are back in their hotel room, away from the rest of the team, relaxing after their game.

However, as straight and butch as they look, these young dudes love to get naked and fuck, and they both share the same taste for cum…”

l6461-universblack-gay-sex-porn-hardcore-videos-blacks-gangsta-thugs-made-in-usa-flava-men-snow-ballerz-more-boyz-more-cum-008 l6461-universblack-gay-sex-porn-hardcore-videos-blacks-gangsta-thugs-made-in-usa-flava-men-snow-ballerz-more-boyz-more-cum-017 l6461-universblack-gay-sex-porn-hardcore-videos-blacks-gangsta-thugs-made-in-usa-flava-men-snow-ballerz-more-boyz-more-cum-012 l6461-universblack-gay-sex-porn-hardcore-videos-blacks-gangsta-thugs-made-in-usa-flava-men-snow-ballerz-more-boyz-more-cum-021 l6461-universblack-gay-sex-porn-hardcore-videos-blacks-gangsta-thugs-made-in-usa-flava-men-snow-ballerz-more-boyz-more-cum-025 l6461-universblack-gay-sex-porn-hardcore-videos-blacks-gangsta-thugs-made-in-usa-flava-men-snow-ballerz-more-boyz-more-cum-026
You can see all of the pics and access the VIDEO! at Universblack.




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