Online TV: Men Love Huge Cocks

a191571_xlfIf you’re a man who likes men, then you like a challenge, and the most exciting thing for you, when you meet someone new is the moment when he drops his pants and underwear to reveal his cock. And each time you ale part in this ritual, you’re hoping for the biggest cock to worship… Why? Because Men Love Huge Cocks! And there’s no better proof than this week’s featured DVD, right here on Metro Cock Sucker TV.

Men Love Huge Cocks is over 2-Hours (147 minutes) of BIG cock enjoyment, just recently released to us by Mile High Media, and these performers either have a big cock or they know what to do with one when presented with the challenge. Here’s where you can see gaping mouths and man holes twitch in desire for gigantic man meat…

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a191571_xlbAre you ready to see lots of big, tasty dicks enjoyed by hungry cocksuckers?

With Men Love Huge Cocks or any of the thousands of other Metro Cock Sucker TV DVDs, you get to enjoy watching them on demand, in the comfort of your own space.

And you can pay-per-minute to see just as much as you want, or rent for as long as you want… 48 hours, 7 days, 30 days… Many DVDs are available for online purchase and download too!

MCS+TV+Post+Promo2Click here to start. And if you’re new to registering to the pay-per-view theater, your first 15 minutes are free… Then pay as little as $3.95 for the next 15 minutes for most DVDs. (That’s 30 full minutes of XXX gay sex action you could see for just $3.95!)


Want to check out other DVDs featuring BIG DICKS? Click Here.


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“Hot Ass” Deals from TIM


Whenever Treasure Island Media‘s TIM STORE has a sale, it’s your chance to get some of the raunchiest and most cum-filled DVDs. And with this weekend’s Black Friday sale, you can get some of their very best DVD’s for only $35, $25, $20, $15 or even $10!

b4c02Sale titles include: Cumsloppy Buttholes, Bones for Cumpuppy, the Drunk On Cum and Suck Dick/Save the World series, In the Flesh, Slammed, Damaged, Buggery, Mexican Cumwhores and many, many more…
cumbuttholes02 tim-113-s3-6 tim-118f-s1-6 tim-141-s4-2

tim-198-s8-29-207b4b7307 tim-141-s5-7 tim-126-s1-1 fuckholes14 b4c12 fuckholes11 b4c08 tim-141-s6-3 tim-141-s7-2 tim-149-s6-7 tim-149-s3-3 tim-198-s4-16-8a4a33b43e tim-198-s5-02-6d06362182 tim-198-s9-19-4f58250959 tim-198-s2-05-16d204d09a tim-150-pr-3 tim-149-s16-2 tim-143-s5-6 tim-143-pr-3

All DVD’s on the site have complete picture galleries and FREE VIDEO! previews… Go to Treasure Island Media to see it all.


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Pass the (Asian Boy) Cream


The secret of any Thanksgiving feast is to have the best ingredients and the right people to enjoy it all… For this holiday that celebrates diversity and multi-cultural celebrations (remember the Pilgims and the North American Indians?), we bring you Sen and Yuki

03 06

“Sen works on Yuki first; his hand rubs on the boy’s bulge before he takes it in his mouth. And by the time Yuki gets a “lick” of his partner, Sen turn it into a number’s game. The pair 69s. Lubing himself up, we get a close-up of Yuki, two fingers deep; Sen looks on intensely…”

11 asianboys_senyuki-def-1_0086 asianboys_senyuki-def-1_0113

“Standing, Yuki receives more “slobbering” before he blows all over Sen’s face… Sitting against Yuki, Sen strokes one out while he is fondled. Oozing out all over his hand and groin…”

asianboys_senyuki-def-1_0156 asianboys_senyuki-def-1_0160 asianboys_senyuki-def-1_0165 asianboys_senyuki-def-1_0167 asianboys_senyuki-def-1_0182

Tasty! Look for “Sen Gets a Facial” and lots more creamy fun at Asian Boys.XXX.


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