Spotlight: Gay Asian Piss

Watersports seems to be increasing in popularity. Once relegated to specialty porn vids, the fetish is being explored by major studios.

gayasianpiss-300x150Even if you don’t like to venture into this side of the sex pool on a regular basis, maybe you’re ready for something different… something new to wet your appetite… After all, many vacations involve a cruise, a waterfront hotel, or even a trip to a water park.

If you’re curious about the exotic world of piss play, then you need to check out Gay Asian Piss. It’s from a family of websites that explore kinky twink action (80 Gays, Asia Boy, Doctor Twink and others…)

Here’s a few samples of the wet action at Gay Asian Piss (plus your basic cocksucking, rimming, bareback fucking, interracial, 3-way and cum action too):

full02-1 full01 full07 full16 full16-1 full17-1 full18-1 full18 full19 full09 full10-1 full10 full05 full02 full01-1 full08
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New Latino Bottom Boy


img002Tyler has found a new Latino boy. His name is Sebastian, and Tyler’s brought him home for some fun…

They make out as soon as they get inside, and soon Sebastian asks his new friend to fuck him. But first he wants to taste Tyler’s big dick before it gets near his ass.

Then, after the long face-fuck session, and comparing their big cocks, Tyler teases Sebastian’s ass with his fingers and a butt plug. But soon he’s ready to give him he real thing…




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Interracial Friends With Benefits


From Dallas, Texas today… We have Rex and Ricky, interracial friends with benefits who actually do live shows together in the area.

“Ricky is tall and shredded from head to toe with a perfect muscled ass and a big fat cock. Rex and his shaved head and tan toned body with a big fat cock of his own has to be the reason that these two have remained friends for so long.”

During a naked dip in the pool, they trade blow jobs. Then all stereotypes are blown to the wind, as Ricky gets his black ass eaten by his white buddy… and Rex gets to fuck that hot ass too!

rex_ricky40 rex_ricky50
But Rex DID eventually want Ricky’s big black cock in his hole as he jerked off a hot load, and Ricky wanted into that hole too. (In the full VIDEO… Rex finished his flip-flop buddy off by taking a hot load down his throat!)

rex_ricky36 rex_ricky62
See it all at Southern Strokes.


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