Countryside Cock

full_02Young, thin twinks Peter and Ted have found a quid, secluded  spot in the countryside, far away from the tensions of the city…

We catch then after they are already naked and sucking each other’s uncut cocks in the back of their vehicle.

“When their cocks are hard the bareback fucking begins. Each will then jerk themselves until they release a bucket load of cum…”

full_04 full_03




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Big, Thick Locker Room Challenge


Jordan Micheals enjoys a good athletic challenge… But his latest came after the big game!

Dontae Morningwood is the one bringing the challenge, as he walks into the locker room with “an enormous boner” in his shorts. When Dante realizes that Jordan can’t keep his eyes off his package, he invites the white boy to suck his extra big and black dick…

Unfortunately for Jordan, the oral action leads to Dontae wanting to fuck him too!





57566_07 57566_08 57566_13 57566_15

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Cooking with Muscle


57437_04What did YOU have for brunch this Sunday? Well, I couldn’t pass up this treat from the kitchen, served by Noah Storm, a chiseled Las Vegas ex-high school jock with rock hard abs and a “spatula” worth a s second, third and fourth lick!

“Clearing his dishes, he leans against the kitchen counter, cock in hand, stroking himself and getting all worked up. He moves over the sink, perching a leg up on the counter, and begins to finger his plump, meaty ass, spreading his cheeks wide as he continues to stroke…”

57437_07 57437_10 57437_15

Of course, like any good cook, when he’s working hard to whip up something in the kitchen, he doesn’t care about making a mess. “… he climbs up on the counter and stretches out, flogging his rod feverishly as it spits its morning load all over his tanned and toned stomach…”


Compare recipes and techniques by seeing Noah’s full VIDEO at Next Door Male.


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