Asian Thanksgiving Cum Feast



Thanksgiving is the one American holiday that everyone celebrates. In fact, it’s the holiday that celebrates immigrants. From the pilgrims who came to our country and shared a meal with their new “Indian” friends to the many other immigrants who followed (European, Mexican, South American, Asian…) and others who still dream of coming to America, we are the great melting pot of dreams and desires.

JacobNishi2.Still002To celebrate today, we have found a pair of cute Asian boys doing what everyone else is doing – stuffing, eating, licking and enjoying creamy desserts… “Jacob is relentlessly pounding the fuck out of this fresh new gay Asian twink newbie. But somehow, mercy found it’s way through, and Jacob takes a break for some more oral sex. The two gay Asian boys taste each other’s ass with some rimming, then Jacob let’s his Asian boy sex toy fuck him for a while. But not for too long. Jacob takes back the top role and resumes a raunchy ass pounding on his Asian boy fuck toy. Nishi dribbles out a fairly big pre-cum load while being fucked, and moments later explodes a full load of thick boy juice. Jacob keeps pounding.”

JacobNishi2.Still008 JacobNishi2.Still013 JacobNishi2.Still016 JacobNishi2.Still020 JacobNishi2.Still023 JacobNishi2.Still027

“Finally, Jacob wears himself out, and lays down to stroke out his cum. He blows his wad all over Nishi’s face and mouth. The boys swap the cum load with a kiss as Jacob scoops it up with his finger and feeds it to his boy toy.”

JacobNishi2.Still028 JacobNishi2.Still029 JacobNishi2.Still031 JacobNishi2.Still033

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Spotlight: NEW! Bad Boy Sites

boot_1411_300x250Into Bad Boys? I guess we all are at times. They’re hard to resist, and its often difficult to resist getting hard when you find a bad boy in the right situation.

Well, the right situation occurs twice right here today, as we introduce Bad Boy Bondage and Bad Boy Bootcamp, two new sites available now.bond_1411_250x250

Experience these handsome young men in very compromising situations.

From twinks doing nude workouts to guys getting tied up and waxed, from bedroom to bootcamp, from leather dungeon to outdoor dell, there’s something for everyone…

FeatureLarge-4 FeatureLarge-2 FrontpageLarge FeatureLarge-3 FeatureLarge FeatureLarge-5 FeatureLarge-1 FrontpageLarge-1 FeatureLarge-6

For more pics and (VIDEOS!) follow these links:

Bad Boy Bondage
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Sharing the Love


It’s just before the Thanksgiving holiday, and Alan Kennedy and Benn Heights are in their college dorm room, using this time to catch up on their homework. But a package has arrived for Alan… Is it an early Christmas present? Should he open it? Well, Alan has a Christmas list filled with some kinky stuff, and Benn is about to find out just HOW kinky… and about to get closer to his friend too.


… Alan gives into it and finally opens the package up to reveal a Fleshjack which neither one has ever used before. They read the instructions and quickly figure it out. They began to test the mouth of it out sticking their fingers deep inside it and then before long they are both naked and Benn is testing it out on Alan first… Benn gets in on the action as well but then shortly after they stick both their cocks in it…”

53769_07 53769_11

How do the boys like the toy? Well, the cocksucking and copious loads that follow are a clue!

53769_12 53769_15

See the VIDEO at Cock Virgins.


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