Watching Them Fuck and Spunk


Imagine this…  You get out of jail and come home to find your partner in the bedroom fucking around with someone else!

Well, you don’t have to imagine it, because that’s what happens in this new scene from Alphamales


parole1_trojan_frank-60“Getting out of jail, sexy Carlo Cox comes home to find his partner, Trojan Rock, hard at work with Franco Centro. Staying to watch them release the sexual tension… Licking and sucking at every orifice and tasting every part, these two hunks get rock solid and so horny, a total ass ramming is in store before great spunking!”
parole1_trojan_frank-73 parole1_trojan_frank-110

parole1_trojan_frank-120 parole1_trojan_frank-126

Look for the VIDEO! at Alphamales.

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Amateurs Do It… All New!


The Australian site has had a complete makeover, and the new site is now LIVE!

The site was originally launched in 2009 and has steadily grown an international following for its downunder newbies in amateur scenes. Several new models even went on to have bigger careers around the world. We highlighted the site after they joined the Gunzblazing set of sites last year… But now it’s time to take a new look at their new look.

Here are some of the most recent scenes…

full_09 full_03 full_04 full_14a

full_09 copy full_08full_17 full_18 full_12 full_15 full_02 full_13

To see VIDEOS! and many more pics, go now to Amateurs Do It.


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Sucking Seven Cocks

If you’re a horny young twink staying at a gay resort, and word gets out that you’re a greedy cocksucker, then you’d better be prepared for some attention…

Like this dude. We see him alone on the grass, able to throw his legs over his head to feed himself his own dick. But when a gang of other horny boys show up, he’s ready to show how he’s able to handle seven cocks… and seven loads!

l10382-clairprod-gay-sex-porn-hardcore-videos-twinks-minets-made-in-france-012 l10382-clairprod-gay-sex-porn-hardcore-videos-twinks-minets-made-in-france-006 l10382-clairprod-gay-sex-porn-hardcore-videos-twinks-minets-made-in-france-009

See more at Clair Prod.


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