The Boy and The Gardener


A classic Cadinot scene of man-boy lust… The rich blond boy is one who has been sent to monastery, but even there he has trouble ignoring his sexual thoughts…


l5849-cadinot-gay-porn-sex-made-in-france-vintage-jean-daniel-cadinot-classics-sacre-college-001“When he catches a glimpse of the gardener taking a piss, he can’t get his eyes off his big cock. Usually quite shy, he manages to call the worker over in a secluded spot…” With the help of the older man, the boy soon learns that he can never escape his lustful thoughts.

l5849-cadinot-gay-porn-sex-made-in-france-vintage-jean-daniel-cadinot-classics-sacre-college-002 l5849-cadinot-gay-porn-sex-made-in-france-vintage-jean-daniel-cadinot-classics-sacre-college-007 zC8bW3Xc5D9StpN-wSba2PU-Zri8V-Zp9LjhCjTxwaWu34ICWLvQ5gjWILEBsp_KFRr2HXNpa8VYkebZ8s3EUxuYhHOmdQzVApaTJXCo-6vVtamr603ZO2aTyYLJZ0FG7Kyl_ScK1Rj3MzyIcq6i5Kv l5849-cadinot-gay-porn-sex-made-in-france-vintage-jean-daniel-cadinot-classics-sacre-college-005

For the VIDEO, look for “Boy’s Chastity” at

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Over the Edge


Sexy, cute-faced, muscled, thick-dicked, “trisexual” Dustin Dewind had just recently completed his first solo scene for the Men of Montreal site, but he wasn’t sure when (or if!) he was ready to go further on camera. So the producers had an idea…

“We quizzed him on what was he willing to try. When we suggested he receive a BJ servicing from one of our gifted suckers, he agreed. That is when we decided to call on talented Mickelo Evans to do his handy work…” The result? We get treated to Dustin on a message table, getting a VERY happy ending (and some good fondling, kissing, sucking and rimming too!)

53361_01 53361_04

53361_11 53361_05 53361_15


53361_13Oh, and there’s this behind-the-scene fact about Mickelo’s rather talented oral work: “He was so good at maneuvering his tongue and lips onto and around Dustin’s cock that early on in the shoot, Dustin had trouble holding back and he abruptly interrupted Mickelo’s masterful effort. Bewildered, we paused the cameras and asked what was wrong. Seconds later, Dustin was squeezing his cock, trying to hold back. But to no avail; his rock hard piece of meat spewed out a half load of sweet white spunk. The look of, first, surprise, then, of embarrassment on his face was priceless. Unfortunately, we had stopped filming and thus missed this priceless moment. Mickelo had a smile on his face, knowing that he has mastered the art of cock sucking… we resumed shooting and the guys carried on like real troopers. Dustin came a second time at the end of the shoot.”


See all of the oral action on VIDEO at Men of Montreal!


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Solo: 18-Year-Old Damien Gunn

DamienGunn1001DamienGunn1002Damien Gunn has the type of smooth body and pretty face that you can’t resist. As the guys at Squirtz say, “He’s just so damn pretty it’s difficult to take your eyes off him when you’re talking to him. Perfect skin, perfect smile, lips, nose, it’s all classic youthful masculine beauty. And it seems unfair that someone with such a pretty face should have such a drool-worthy body. He’s got the abs, the bubble butt and beautiful smooth skin and doesn’t do anything to get that way…”


DamienGunn1006Yes. He’s only 18. he’s also kind of shy, but also flirtatious. That innocent face with the deep, dark eyes means there’s more to this boy that we want to know… Damien identifies as bisexual, but he says lately he’s been leaning more toward boys, but he’s versatile.

So we can fantasize about him in so many ways…





Go to Squirtz to see more.



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