Suckable Guy #26: Dima Gornovskyi

Ch4sX9mVEAAmzz0Dima Gornovsky is a model with the Wilhelmina agency. He was born in the Ukraine (in Kiev, USSR), in 1991, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, but now he lives in Los Angeles. As soon as I ran across him on Twitter, I knew he was someone special… Handsome, just like a model should be, but then I discovered his blog, read his non-bio and learned of his interests: writing, journalism, psychology, and now video. Such an interesting guy!



And worldly too. Here’s some of what he says about himself… “I wouldn’t refer to myself as Ukrainian or Russian. So many things are going on here, and no one of these specific titles could characterize me accurately. I grew up with my grandparents in Tunisia, North Africa. They worked on an international project and were aiming to erase the psychological barriers of my early childhood. By the age of 6, I was waking up every day at 6am to go to the local school in a small town where I was the only foreign kid. I learned to write in Arabic script, grow beans, weave carpets, and study while trying to become comfortable in this new alien environment. It has definitely helped me to this day…”

And he has his own business too – SUPERPOP Lab, which offers digital and social media marketing services.

I can’t wait to see what he does next.

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Be sure to check out Dima’s YouTube channel.


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Danny and Daddy


Blond hunk Matthew Anders can’t wait to get at his boy, the young and tanned Danny Montero. “Slurping on each other’s juicy dicks… Tasting each other’s supple and muscled bodies…”

2-03 2-04

And then, after the oral action,  Daddy is ready to get at Danny’s boy butt… “Working this thick dick into his boy toy, the tattooed muscle hunk kisses Danny as he pushes deeper, both guys really into each other and working that sofa hard as they flip positions, getting as deep and hard as they can. Danny’s smooth young body flexing and tightening with each thrust from Daddy brings him closer and closer to a creamy finish as both loads end up over his youthful hairless skin…”

_mg_0089 2-09 2-10

Look for the VIDEO! (“Daddy Ploughs Danny”) at Eurocreme.


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Sex with a Barber


Osiris Blade likes keeping his head neat and trim, so he heads to his local barber shop where Rodney Steele is waiting for him… ready to provide great service. And while Osiris is sitting in the chair, he notices something unusual under the sheet… Is Osiris playing with his his dick?


Well, it was only his phone. However, see what happens when Osiris gets Rodney to admit that he wanted it to be his dick!

82127_0482127_05“They unzip and take turns sucking their cocks…. Rodney bends that smooth ass over and tongue fucks him really good making his hole all nice and wet for his hard dick… fucks him balls deep making him moan and groan… Soon enough he puts him on his back legs spread wide…”

82127_0682127_07 82127_10 82127_15

See it all at Extra Big Dicks.


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