What They Did Last Summer…


We catch Brian Bonds sucking on Ryan Rose’s enormous, thick cock in this summer scene to remember from the modern day wild west.


“… spit drips down the length of the shaft to Ryan’s nuts that hang low in the summer sun. Getting into it, Ryan guides Brian’s head down over his cock, amplifying the pleasure. The saliva pouring out of Brian’s mouth turns frothy and white with the intensity of his deep throating. Ryan’s body is perfectly taut and muscled, and Brian’s beefy arms and chest are on full display as he works Ryan’s tool…”


It’s one of those scenes that makes you feel every thrust of cock down your throat, every squeeze of your fucker’s hands on your head, and ultimately every drop of man seed in your face and mouth!


“With an ecstatic release, Ryan shoots a gigantic, multi-spurting load that hits Brian on his closed eyelid and rolls all the way down the side of his face…”


See the VIDEO at Hot House.


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Spotlight: Suck Off Guys Lite


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The Boy and The Gardener


A classic Cadinot scene of man-boy lust… The rich blond boy is one who has been sent to monastery, but even there he has trouble ignoring his sexual thoughts…


l5849-cadinot-gay-porn-sex-made-in-france-vintage-jean-daniel-cadinot-classics-sacre-college-001“When he catches a glimpse of the gardener taking a piss, he can’t get his eyes off his big cock. Usually quite shy, he manages to call the worker over in a secluded spot…” With the help of the older man, the boy soon learns that he can never escape his lustful thoughts.

l5849-cadinot-gay-porn-sex-made-in-france-vintage-jean-daniel-cadinot-classics-sacre-college-002 l5849-cadinot-gay-porn-sex-made-in-france-vintage-jean-daniel-cadinot-classics-sacre-college-007 zC8bW3Xc5D9StpN-wSba2PU-Zri8V-Zp9LjhCjTxwaWu34ICWLvQ5gjWILEBsp_KFRr2HXNpa8VYkebZ8s3EUxuYhHOmdQzVApaTJXCo-6vVtamr603ZO2aTyYLJZ0FG7Kyl_ScK1Rj3MzyIcq6i5Kv l5849-cadinot-gay-porn-sex-made-in-france-vintage-jean-daniel-cadinot-classics-sacre-college-005

For the VIDEO, look for “Boy’s Chastity” at Cadinot.fr.

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